Warren House

Warren House – A poem written by Tony Fuller

If ever you drive down the A35 on a beautiful sunny day

And you know you would like to see some of the sights

But then you’ll need somewhere to stay

Try ‘Warren House it’s the best you will find

(no trouble at all to locate)

You’ll get a warm welcome when you ring the bell

And the people who host you are great

The rooms, they are good with comfortable beds

The food? Yes. it’s first class cuisine

When you get home, you will tell everyone

of the wonderful place you have been

Your hostess is Jane, again and again

She will do just the best that she can

And you’ll surely know as homeward you go

to come back is surely your plan

When people say “So you had a good stay

But where abouts did you stop?”

From deep down inside you will well-up with pride

And say ‘Warren House’ Chideock!

Warren House

The garden at Warren House


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